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What is Nigori?

nigori sake
If you’ve looked over the drink menu at Yamashiro you’ve probably come across the word “nigori” on our list of sake. What makes this unique from your typical sake?

Nigori” is a Japanese word that roughly translates to cloudy. The drink gets this name from its cloudy appearance. Typically sake is filtered to remove any grain solids left after the rice fermentation process, giving it a relatively clear appearance. When the sake is not filtered during the fermentation process you end up with a sake that is much cloudier and that sake is called Nigori.

Nigori sake tends to be the sweetest of all sakes, which makes it a great pairing for a spicy dish or a dessert wine. As with most sakes, it is recommended that you consume the whole bottle once opened so that the sake does not lose any of its flavor. We at Yamashiro invite you to order a bottle on your next visit and drink up!

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New Year’s Eve 2014 at Yamashiro

new years eve 2014 at yamashiro

2014 was quite a year, as we saw Yamashiro turn 100 years old! Please join us this New Year’s Eve to finish off the century of Yamashiro with a bang and welcome in 2015!

What can you expect? A night of DJs, dancing, photo booth, party favors, champagne toasts, and of course, a a special 4-course dinner prepared by our own Chef Brock!

Take a look at the full menu and see what looks good. Then hurry up and make your reservations because spots are limited! We hope to you see you atop Mt. Yamashiro ringing in 2015 with us!

For more details and to make your reservation visit our New Year’s Eve page.

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Los Angeles City Names Hill Mt. Yamashiro

Mt. Yamashiro

On Tuesday, December 9 2014, Yamashiro had the pleasure of hosting the Los Angeles City Historical Society’s annual holiday gala. Among those honored for their service to the city was Los Angeles City Council Member Tom LaBonge, as well as the owners of Yamashiro Mr. and Mrs. Glover.

The Glovers were presented awards of recognition for Yamashiro from Councilman LaBonge. We were especially thrilled by one of the awards that officially named the hill on which Yamashiro resides as Mt. Yamashiro.

What a tremendous honor to receive from Councilman LaBonge and the LA City Historical Society. It reinforces how proud we are to be so deeply rooted in Los Angeles and its history.

Next time you visit make sure to keep an eye out for the Mt. Yamashiro sign!

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