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#Engaged at Yamashiro

We’ve seen all kinds of special occasions at Yamashiro–from birthdays & graduations to weddings & anniversaries, we are lucky enough to get to be a part of so many people’s stories. But there’s nothing quite like being a part of someone’s proposal. From the nervous, excited planning to the ecstatic “YES!” that we often hear, it’s an honor to witness and forever be a part of a couple’s history.

While we know Yamashiro is a popular place to pop the question, we didn’t realize just how popular until we saw this story from ABC, which lists Yamashiro as number 12 in the Top 20 Restaurants for Marriage Proposals! The list boasts restaurants from Brooklyn to Dallas to Seattle, and we’re very happy to be included in such a fun list. It was even more fun to share this list on our Facebook page and receive a long list of comments from guests who had been engaged at Yamashiro in the past, and who continue to celebrate anniversaries with us.

We want to say thank you for spending your big moments with us at Yamashiro–we’re always here to celebrate with you! Comment below with any stories you have!

In the spirit of proposals, here’s a fun photo @simply_leann shared of her parents at Yamashiro, with 25 years between each photo! Very cool.


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Spring at Yamashiro!

Happy First Day of Spring! Even if winter isn’t exactly rough in LA, we still welcome the beginning of a new season–especially one that brings us closer to summer, and the Yamashiro Farmer’s Market, and the opening of the Pagoda Bar! In honor of the day, here are a few photos showing the lushness and peaceful ambience of Yamashiro on a Spring Day. If you have more photos that you think convey Yamashiro in the spring, share on Instagram or Twitter using @yamashirola or #yamashiro!

Yamashiro-0698 Yamashiro-0706 Yamashiro-0712 Yamashiro-0767 Yamashiro-0775 Yamashiro-0788 Yamashiro-0798 yamashiro-0850 yamashiro-0854

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Himalayan Salt Plate

As we browse through Instagrams posted from Yamashiro daily, one thing always pops up–besides the gorgeous view and colorful sushi, of course–and that is our Himalayan Salt Plate.


American Wagyu Steak is seared and served on the Himalayan Salt Plate, which is then quickly cooked to your preference at your table. An interactive and fun culinary experience, this is a great dish to give your dinner something you won’t forget!


Never used a Himalayan Salt Block before? Here’s what’s up: the salt plate is a dense block of translucent pink salt hand-cut from ancient mineral deposits. It is first heated to around 400 degrees, and then cooked at your table. As it cooks, it imparts a small amount of its pure yet complex taste, adding full flavor to the cooked steak. These salt plates can be used to cook any kind of meat or vegetables, and can even be chilled or frozen to display sushi, cold meats, fruit, etc. Himalayan Salt Blocks have continued to gain popularity recently, and we know why! The flavor and the act of cooking your own American Wagyu steak elevates your culinary experience to the next level.


To see a video of our Himalayan Salt Plate in action, see this video by @foodie_mirror! Or show us your photos & videos using #yamashiro. Happy eating!


Photos: @roddomi, @theyumdiaries, @scarlettbabe

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